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What ever your current business size and challenges, if you need a trusted partner to help you grow, optimise or navigate the technological ever changing landscape, we are here to help. We offer myriad digital products and services. We can strategize, plan, design, write, program, QA, push search engine optimization (SEO) and integrate search engine marketing (SEM). We can create rich interactive engagements, turnkey content management systems (CMS), mobile and tablet apps, float your services on a computing cloud and imbed e-commerce payment systems. We can consult and execute strategies in penetrating international markets in China, Europe, the U.S. and all points in between. We can do all these things and more.


The market for apps is ever widening and growing. With such growth, BitsCube is well established and positioned to develop apps for single app environments for smartphones and tablets or cross-functionally across a myriad of mobile platform environments. We know the requirements and guard rails of each mobile app world. BitsCube will work mightily to ensure adherence to each, while still maintaining the integrity of your proposed app. Contact us if you want to talk how we can help you in this area.


Our reach runs from the U.S. to China, literally. With offices extending from New York, USA to Manchester, UK to Guangzhou, China, we're in a unique position to take your digital efforts to market, wherever those markets lie. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; it helps when your digital partner offers a headstart with a solid footprint in Asian markets.

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